Companies who purchase their safety glasses from Total Source Manufacturing appreciate the wide variety of safety glasses we have to choose from. Our safety glasses come from protective eyewear expert Qvis, who creates sturdy, quality safety glasses that last years of heavy use. Qvis safety glasses are suitable for use in construction, machining, industrial, laboratory and other industries that require protection of the worker's eyes. Safety glasses prevent particulates and unwanted splashing from entering the worker's eyes, which is a critical part of workplace safety.

Total Source Manufacturing supplies a comprehensive range of safety supplies and safety apparel to the cleanroom, medical, food and research industries. Our safety supplies include everything from electrostatic devices and respirators to disposable apparel and safety glasses. Safety glasses in particular can be tricky to source if you are looking for a specific shape or usage, which is why we pride ourselves on providing a variety of quality safety glasses for our customers.

We carry safety glasses that range from flexible clear goggles to traditional protective eyewear similar to sport glasses. Additionally, our Qvis safety glasses come in many different styles and colors so companies who order them can choose a color or look that best suits their work environment. Along with safety glasses, Total Source Manufacturing supplies the cleanroom, medical, food and manufacturing industries with other safety gear including disposable apparel, gloves, hair nets, personal protection, finger cots, cleanroom wipes, lab supplies and more. Total Source Manufacturing is pleased to provide companies in these industries with a one-stop shopping experience for all their medical supply manufacturer needs.